Glacier Practice Test - Kenston Local Schools

Glacier Practice Test
Multiple Choice (1 pt. each):
1. A section of ice that is drilled out of glacier that allows us to reconstruct past climates.
a. ice logs
b. ice cores
c. snow field c. snow logs
e. none of these
2. How much of Ohio was covered with glaciers during the last ice age?
a. 1/3
b. 2/3
c. 3/4
d. all of it
e. none of it.
3. What is the name of a glacial lake, usually formed in a cirque?
a. tarn
b. arête
c. horn
d. fjord
e none of these
4. What is the name of the area where snow is permanent all year round.
a. snowline
b. snowfield
c. zone of fulfillment
d. zone of growth
e. none of these
5. Most glaciers are advancing right now?
True or False (1 pt. each): record “a” for true and “b” for false.
6. ______There have been 4 glacial advances mapped out in the United States.
7. ______The Kansan was the name for the most recent glacial advance.
8. ______There are no glaciers located near the equator.
9. _______Currently most glaciers around the world are retreating.
10. ______Ice caps are larger than continental glaciers
Fill In (1 pts each) :
11. _______________________
What does compacted snow turn into before it becomes glacial ice?
12. _______________________
What zone of a glacier are crevasses found in?
13. _______________________
What is a sudden movement of a glacier called?
14. _______________________
What volcanic mountain in the Cascade Range is covered with glaciers?
15. _______________________
What alpine glacial feature often produces waterfalls?
1. Explain in detail the Milankovitch Cycles (4 pts).
2. What is the difference between outwash and till ( 4 pts)?
3. What controls if a glacier will grow in size (2 pts)?
4. Draw a Roche Mountenee, explain how it forms, and an arrow showing the correct direction of ice flow (6 pts).