Nanotechnology and the Po

Nanotechnology and the Powers of Ten
MSTA, October 26, 2009
Janet Wise
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Intro to Nanotechnology PowerPoint
Nanoscale Thin Films PowerPoint
Oleic Acid Thin Film lab:
Oleic Acid Thin Films Write-up for Activity
Was Franklin the first nanotechnologist?
Teacher guide
Student worksheet
Student worksheet with hints
1. Oleic acid
Q0003 500 mL $14.65
Flinn Scientific, Inc.
P.O. Box 219
Batavia, IL 60510-0219
2. Trays 1600 GL 16.44 in. Round Griplite, Black, approximately $12.50 each
Dill and Norris
2502 Main St.
Columbus, MS 39701
Phone: 662-328-4532
Fax: 662-328-4574
3. Isopropyl alcohol Any drugstore
Powers of ten:
1. Florida State—zoom in and out by powers of ten
2. Microcosm—ruler