Franklin TAPP (Tacoma Autism Preschool Program)

Franklin Special Education Extended Day Preschool
Typical preschool: thematic learning, family style meals, hands on learning,
student directed, play based, sensory activities…all in a developmentally
appropriate manner.
For example: each week we will focus on a different color. We will paint, color
the playdo, color the water in the water table and talk about the color of the week.
Our house keeping center will change every few weeks to reflect new themes
such as a harvest stand when we explore farms or a pet store when we talk about
The classroom schedule moves quickly, lots of active play and teaming among all
staff. The staff attend to student engagement and learning.
Variety of curriculums:
Handwriting Without Tears focuses on manipulating with and learning about the lines
and curves that make the capital letters of the alphabet. In small groups we practice
making a different letter each week- with wood pieces, chalk, colored pencils.
Read Well is our reading curriculum that teaches letter recognition, letter soundsslow (such as A) or quick (such as C), and literature comprehension and appreciation.
Every Friday your child will bring home the letter cheer of the week that he/ or she
has colored during the daily ditto time.
PECS (Picture Exchange Communication Symbols) are available to all students to
encourage communication- initiating requests, making comments, asking for a turn,
and more!
Visual symbols are used throughout the classroom to teach routines (washing hands),
read helper jobs, and follow schedules.
The WA. State Early Learning and Development Benchmarks are the preschool level
“EALRs”, a guide to young children’s learning and development from birth to
Kindergarten entry.
There are other curriculums used specifically for students who are on the autism
spectrum. Feel free to ask for more information.