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Radnor High School
Course Syllabus
Child Development II
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I. Course Description
Child Development II will provide you with the opportunity to further your
involvement with Kid’s Corner Preschool. As a level two student you have
already taken and excelled in Child Development I. You will continue to learn
about child development through observing and interacting with the children
but you will assume a leadership role that requires a higher level of
responsibility and independence. You will lead the level I students in their
teaching groups and instruct them as to our daily activities and expectations.
There will also be a higher degree of academic responsibility. You will at times
work independently to research and explore topics related to that which you
learned in Child Development I.
II. Materials & Equipment
 You need to have a notebook by the end of the first week of school. This
notebook needs to be a three-ringed binder with at least three dividers.
Make sure you have some loose-leaf paper in the back of the binder as
well. Bring your binder EVERY DAY! You will also need something to
write with at all times. Come prepared!
 You are not responsible for an individual textbook; when we use them it
will be within the four walls of the classroom only.
 We will also be reading “problem novels” that discuss child abuse. You
will be issued a novel to read and then return; you do not need to buy
the books. You will read a different novel than you read in Child
Development I. Similar expectations are required of you.
III. Course Goals & Objectives
Participation. As before, participation is 100% essential in this class. Not only
will you be expected to participate and be a “hands on” teacher, but you will
need to exemplify what it means to be an involved teacher in the preschool.
The success of this preschool relies entirely on how involved YOU want to be.
Level one students will look to you as the expert; your attendance must be
impeccable and you need to come to class focused, prepared, and enthusiastic.
Teaching. Not only are you the teachers in the preschool, you have
inexperienced classmates who are looking at you for guidance. Your lessons
should illustrate your previous knowledge and serve as a benchmark for the
Level I’s lessons. Lesson plans are still required and will be due the Friday
before your teaching week. Some class time will be reserved for lesson
preparation, but additional preparation must be done at home.
In this class you will:
 Learn (more) about the child you were.
 Learn (more) about the person you are.
 Learn about child development theorists and their work as well as the
current ideology in education today.
 Determine the parent/babysitter/teacher you will one day be.
IV. Course Topics (Summary Outline)
A. Development of PIES (physical, intellectual, emotional, and social)
B. Lesson Planning
C. Guidance
D. Early Literacy Skills of children
E. Art (and children)
F. Importance of play and toys
G. Music and movement in a preschool
H. Child abuse
V. Assignments & Grading
If you do what is expected of you to the best of your ability, you will likely get
a good grade in this class. If you do not turn in assignments or study for
quizzes/tests, you will not get a good grade in this class. You will be given
various types of assessments as opportunities for achievement.
 Lesson plans
 Lessons (the actual teaching part)
Observations of children
Evaluations of peers as well as self evaluation
Class work