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The H2O Project
Contact Person: Brenda Koinis
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Sample Feature Article.
Somewhere today a young mother left the house long before dawn to fetch water. She had
to trudge through the brush, and maybe dig through the soil to bring home a bucket of dirty brown
water. She is hoping her children won’t get sick from it. But her children probably will get sick.
Over 10,000 do every single day. Many do not survive. Is this an insurmountable problem?
“No!” says Brenda Koinis, founder of The H2O Project. “Many of those dying from waterborne illnesses are sitting on top of the solution. There is clean water just beneath their feet, but
without a well, they will never reach it. Those who have taken The H2O Challenge will tell you
that it’s actually pretty easy to save a life.”
So just what is The H2O Challenge? It’s really very simple:
*Make water your only beverage for two weeks.
* Give the money you would have spent on other beverages during that time to the drilling
of clean water wells in developing countries.
The H2O Project began after Koinis saw video footage of the damage often caused by
polluted and parasite-ridden water. She knew that one woman couldn’t solve the problem alone,
and began to seek help. “I started collecting water bottles and melting a hole in the side of each one
with an old cattle branding tool. Then I taped on a label that said, “The H2O Project” and started
passing them out. I told everyone that would listen that there was good news behind this tragedy:
Save what you usually spend on two weeks’ worth of beverages, and you’ll probably have enough
to give one African villager clean water for a lifetime.” That’s what Koinis refers to as “third world
It is a grassroots, interfaith response to a fundamental need.
For groups who wish to participate, The H2O Project provides the following:
Motivational posters and brochures.
Cup Banks for each participant.
Reminder wristbands.
Video presentation.
Simple instructions.
There is no charge for the materials, and all funds raised go directly to well-drilling organizations.
The H2O Project is so simple that it can be done by almost anyone regardless of age or income. In a
group setting, the project requires less than an hour total of preparation and presentation.