Personal information : Name : Ibrahim Suleiman Al

Personal information :
Name : Ibrahim Suleiman Al-Harahsheh
Date of Birth : 18/12/1960
Place of Birth : Ain Yabroud
Marital Status : Married
Nationality : Jordanian
Adreess :
Applied Science Private University (A.S.U). Department of Political Science. Phone No.
00962 6 5609999. Amman- Jordan.
Phone No: 00962-777266343, 00962-797086890
Email : [email protected]
ii. Qualifications : (2000) – at the University of Roma (La-Sapienza) –Roma- Italy. In
International Relations, The Title Of the thesis: "the Foreign Policy of Jordan (19461951".
First Degree (Laurea) : In Italy (1993) – at the university of Roma(La-Sapienza) –
In Political Science. The Title of the thesis: “History and Institutions of Jordan 19471957”.
G.C.E: Jordan (1979) - Zarka Secondary School- 1979.
iii. Published Researches:
A research on : The role of King Abdullah I in the establishing of the Arab League
Organization, Published in Italian Clio Magazine.
A research on: A page of inter-Hashemite (Jordanian-Iraqi relations)
(The Jordanian-Iraqi Treaty of Alliance and Brotherhood, 1947).
Accepted: It will be published on " IL POLITICO" n. 1/ 2011 (april 2011)
iv. Research Under Preview :
A research on: The trasjodanian –saudi relationships during the period
of the mandate (19120-1946).
A research on: The trasjodanian –Palestinian relationships from the beginning of
of the mandate untile the secondo world war (19120-1939).
v. Language’s :
Arabic : Excellent
English : Very good
Italian : Excellent
Some Spanish & German.
vi. work Experience :
Lecturer- Al-Mergeb University –Libya. (2003-2005).
Lecturer- Al-Hashimya university- Jordan (2005-2006).
Assistant Prof. Science Applied University- Amman- Jordan (2006- up to date).
Other Activities:
Representative in the following committees in the Dep. Political science:
a- Social and culture committee- faculty of economics.
b- committee of The library and science day.
c- Representative of Political Science Dep. Faculty of Art 2008-2009.
d- Representative of Faculty of Art in the University Council 2009-2010.
Course taught:
1-Introduction to political doctrines.
2- National education teaching.
3- History of Arabic and Islamic World.
4- Foreign Policies.
5- Comparative Foreign Policy.
6- Jordanian Foreign Policy.
7- Arab-States Foreign Policies.
9- Arab-International Relationships.
10-Temporary International Issues.
11- International Organizations.
12- Diplomatic and consulates Affairs.
Arabic Political Systems.
Comparative Political Systems.
Political development.
Palestinian Case.
24\10\2007 participated the council held at Senshry Park Hotel- Amman for the
teachers and Deans of the Faculties of Law, Political Science, and Journalism.
17\11\2007 attended the activities of Third Scientific Conference at the Hayat
8\7\2008 attended the debate course prepared by The Third World Economic
Committee titled "Pretended Syrian Nuclear Title Conspiracy"- one of the
conspiracy course upon Syria and the Arabic world.
16\10\2008 attended the round table on the notification of "The National Law" at
Kempensky Hotel-Amman: organized by The International Red Committee.
4-8\10\2009 Candidate of Political Science Department-Faculty of Arts,
Participated in "Alquds(Jerusalem) International Conference" Organized by the
Ministry of Culture , as a part of Jordan Celebrations of Jerusalem as the Capital of
Arabic Culture 2009, held at the Royal Culture Centre-Amman.
22\11\2009 Participate at meeting organized by The Middle East Studies Center
(MESC) titled "The Horn & East Africa, Present & Future".
Viii. Other Skills:
A good Knowledge of using computer and internet research.
Inter-net Course – organized by the Applied Science Private University.
Excel-Access Course, Organized by the Applied Science Private University.
IX. References:
Italy :
- Dr. Massimo Bucarelli, Political Science College, University of Roma "La Sapienza"
Institue of Historic Studies .00393477169591.
- Dr.Luca Micheletta, Political Science College, University of Roma "La Sapienza "
Instiute of Historic Studies .Tel .0039649910452.
Jordan :
- Dr. Khaled Shnikat- Albalqa Univesity- Alsalt- Tel. 009620777447083.
- Dr.suleiman Al-khalel – Jordan University – Amman
- Dr.Ali Al-Ali- Jordan University – Tel .00962-6-5355000, Mobile: 00962 –
- Dr.Mostafa Hamarneh – Jordan University Tel.00962-6-5355000.
- Dr.Jamal al Shalaby – Alhashmieh University –Tel 00962799077598.
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