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Study Or Be A Star?
Teenagers today have a lot on their plate, but for certain young people, their
commitments rule their life.
Wallace High School Sixth Former Jordan is a star pupil, and at only sixteen
years of age, she takes part in the school choir, cappella, drama productions
and is an up and coming model.
But it is possible to excel in both school and the fast paced life of a model?
Just last year, Lisburn girl Jordan was getting professional photographs taken
when having a lead role in Wallace’s production of ‘Fame’ when she was
“spotted”. When told she had definite model potential, Jordan submitted a
portfolio to a modelling agency. By chance, the agency was running a search
for a new face for Belfast Fashion Week and to Jordan’s delight, she won a
year long contract with the agency.
Jordan knows first hand how hard it is to juggle her studies and modelling
work, as just last week she was in Canary Islands doing a photo shoot.
Does this have an impact her studies?
“I try to keep a good balance between my work and school” Jordan
explained. “I want to do well in my A levels, as I hope to go to University and
to study Theology, so if I choose to stop modelling, I have other career
Another danger for teenage models is of course, the ‘Size Zero’ hype. Eating
disorders has risen among teenagers in recent years, with girls wanting to
look like the latest celebrity or super skinny girl on the catwalk. When asked
about this, Jordan comments “Wanting to be a size zero is unrealistic and
unhealthy. I’ve always ate healthy and kept fit, so it wasn’t a huge change of
lifestyle for me. I try to keep to my routine of going to the gym and yoga
classes each week though.”
Some teen models have been criticised for changing and letting fame and
glamour go to their heads. Has this beauty queen changed? “I don’t think I’ve
changed at all really, I still love going out shopping with my friends to relax.
I’ve made a lot of new friends through modelling, but I still appreciate the ones
I had beforehand too.”
Leah Hammond 11V