Mazen Rababah

Curriculum vitae
Mazen Rababah
Personal data
Date of birth: 14-8-1975
Nationality: Jordan
Residet: Jordan
Marital Status: Married
Diploma Degree in general Medicine and surgery Lugansk state Medical University
(ukraina) (9-1996 to6-2002)
Preparatory linguistic course university of Moldova (Moldova) (9-1995 to 6-1996)
General secondary school Education Scientific Stream (Jordan) (8-1990 to 7-1995)
Licensure and certification
Permanent member ship and licensure of Jordan medical association (8-2003)
Certification of passing state internship examination, Jordan medical council (9-2003)
Jordanian board of pediatrics and neonatology, Jordan medical council (9-2015)
Other Activitie
-Attended several national conferences in pediatric: conferences of the union of arab pediatricians ,Jordan pediatric society,Jordan university of science and technology.
-Attended training programs in pediatrics: pediatrics ICU, CPAP system, Mechanical
ventilator ,and pediatric emergencies.
Certification of basic life spport (BLS) of Saudi heart association.
Pediatrician in AL-Dia'a clinc , Amman ,Jordan (10-2014 to Present).
General practitioner , in Al Hassan medical clinic , Al ramtha , Jordan (9-2012 to 10-2014)
pediatric resident in M.O.H OF KSA Tabuk region (9-2011 to 9-2012)
pediatric resident in princess rahma pediatric hospital irbid,Jordanian ministry of health(2-2007 to 8-2011)
General practitioner, medical health centre, mafraq Jordanian ministry of health9-2004to11-2006)
House officer, princess basma hospital, irbid, Jordanian ministry (7-2002 to 8-2003)
Russian: Academic study
Contact details
Mobile: 0791530241 / 0790469761
E.mail :
Skype : drmazenrababah .