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MR I I maging
This mobile MRI unit, based inside an
articulated lorry, visits the hospital on a
fortnightly basis. Previously reserved for
human medicine, MRI scanning
procedures are safe and highly effective
methods of producing clear cross
sectional images of the body. This
means that complex neurological and
spinal injuries can be reliably diagnosed
and effectively treated. MRI is very useful
for imaging the nasal chambers, joints
and any macroscopic soft tissue disease
where movement artefact is unlikely.
With over eight years experience in
developing mobile veterinary MRI
scanning; Burgess Diagnostic's highly
skilled team of radiographers,
engineers and veterinary surgeons can
provide all of your veterinary cross
sectional imaging needs.
At present Burgess provide the only high
field magnet for small animal imaging in
Ireland producing higher quality images
over larger areas with faster acquisition
times than any low field system.
The images are reported on by a range of
recognised specialists in diagnostic
imaging depending on area of expertise
and personal preference of the referring
veterinary surgeons. Reports for
non-urgent cases are back within a week
but same day (e-mailed jpegs) or following
day reporting on the full dicom sequences
is possible when required.
Please enquire at Earlswood for more
details including price and appointment