The canyons in the Badlands National Park were formed by erosion

Chapter 10 Study Guide Science
 The canyons in the Badlands National Park were formed by erosion as moving water dug into Earth.
 Plant roots grow into cracks in rocks and make the cracks larger. Mechanical weathering is happening.
 Farmers plant a cover crop to reduce the amount of soil erosion.
 Erosion involves movement of materials from one place to another.
 Overflow water and sediment form a flooded river most likely goes to the floodplain.
 A river delta is formed from deposition.
 Mineral deposits in lakes and on the ocean floor are formed when dissolved minerals settle out of the
 Tsunamis are formed from underwater earthquakes.
 Sand dunes are formed from wind.
 The land drained by a river is called its drainage basin.
 Water running downhill is the main process that shapes Earth’s surfaces.
 Glacier movement formed the Great lakes.
 One beach has white sand and another beach has black sand. The color of sand depends on the source of
the sand and rock.
Short answer questions
1. Explain why a river deposits heavier sediments first and lighter sediments later as it flows along
Heavier sediments are deposited first because the water has more energy and can carry heavier sediments before
it slows down. As the water slows down it carries less sediment and lighter sediment. These lighter sediments
are deposited after the heavier ones.
2. Name two forces that change coastal landforms and give an example of each.
Waves carry sediments that can wear down landforms. Wind can blow loose sand into piles called dunes.
Answer the following question in complete sentences. Hand it in on Monday to be checked.
Mechanical weathering and chemical weathering are both processes that change Earth’s surface.
Describe each type of weathering and then discuss how they are similar and how they are different.
1) Find something in this question to underline and use as your first sentence to restate. DO NOT answer the
question in the first sentence.
2) Answer the question.
3) Cite evidence from the text.
4) Explain your answer.
Your essay should be at least 4 sentences long (this includes proper punctuation and sentence structure.)