Marine Sediments Worksheet

Marine Sediments Activity (Chapter 5)
1. relationship between current velocity and the erosion, transportation, and deposition of different
sized grains
2. the sediment with a size between a pebble and a grain of sand
3. the diatom and radiolarian remains
4. the glass like substance that results from a meteor hitting Earth’s crust and reacting with it.
5. the hydrogenous sediment that often includes iron and is sometimes mined from the ocean floor.
6. The fossilized cyanobacteria
7. The diagram that relates sediments to each other by size
8. The remains of coccolithofores and foraminiferans
9. The hydrogenous sediment used for fertilizer
10. The sediments carried down submarine canyons
11. Sediments carried away from the shore by floating ice and deposited in the deeper ocean
________Calcareous ooze
________Silaceous ooze
________ tektites
________ phosphorites
________ stromatolites
________ Huljstrom’s Diagram
________ turbidites
________ Wentworth scale
________ glacial rafts
________ manganese nodules
________ granule
Indicate what will happen for each box: