Middle Ages Webquest

Middle Ages Webquest
When you say the word “Medieval” or “Middle Ages,” it conjures up visions of knights and ladies, Robin Hood
and “Braveheart”. But, what was it REALLY like to live in the Middle Ages? In this webquest, you will explore
that question using the following website:
1. What led to the feudal system in Europe?
2. What was it like to be a peasant? (Check out Feudal Life, Houses, Clothing and Town Life).
3. What was it like to be a woman? (Check out Feudal Life and Clothing)
4. What were some occupations held by women?
5. Identify and discuss the importance of the following women:
o Christine de Pisan-
Hildegard Bingen-
Eleanor of Aquitaine-
Joan of Arc-
6. a. Describe the role of the Church and religion in The Middle Ages.
b. Discuss the role of:
o Monks-
7. What was the role of the parish priest?
8. Who was St. Benedict and what was the purpose of “Benedict’s Rules”?
9. Choose the Cathedral link. What was different about the new “Gothic” style cathedrals built in the
12th century? What is ironic about their name?
10. Choose the Collapsed Cathedral link. Which cathedral collapsed?
11. Choose the more info about cathedrals. What purpose did Cathedrals serve? What architectural
innovation allowed the soaring ceilings of Gothic Cathedrals. Draw it here if you can.
12. Go to Town Life: What were the factors that led to the decline of feudalism?
13. What was the role of guilds? Of all the craftsmen, what group was the highest paid and most
respected? Why?
14. Go to Arts and Entertainment: What did the medieval person do for fun? Where did Medieval
Drama come from?
15. A. Choose the StoryWeaver link. What is the significance of the activity depicted in this tapestry?
B. Choose more about tapestries? What was the Bayeau Tapestry? What was the impact of the event
it commemorates?
16. How advanced was their learning and technology? Compare their learning and technology to the
Muslim world.
ANALYSIS: How would you compare life in Medieval Europe to life in the Islamic Empire. List 2-3
similarities and 2-3 differences.
YOU PICK! Choose one of the following options to explore more closely. Complete the activity
associated with the options below and write up your answers.
a. Medieval Hats (Clothing)
b. Medieval M.D. (Health)
c. Story Weaver (Arts and Entertainment)