Feudal System: A Webquest

Medieval/Feudal System:
A Webquest
Medieval Women
1. What was the “age of consent”?
2. What “right” did a husband have?
3. What was a woman’s life expectancy?
4. How were people buried?
5. What could potentially happen to your coffin?
The Medieval Church
6. How much control did the church have over the peasants?
7. What is a tithe?
8. What did most peasants use to pay tithes?
9-11. What are three services you had to pay the church for?
12. What happened if you did not pay for these services?
13. What were the guildsmen told would happen if they were killed while working on a
church or cathedral?
The Feudal System
14. Why did William the Conqueror introduce feudalism into England? What did his follower have
to give William, in return for being given land?
15. Explain in your own words, the possible reasons why William gave half of the land he conquered
in England, to the Church.
16-21. Fill in the Diagram.
22. Briefly explain the three field system of farming followed, and include the meaning of 'fallow'.
23-41. Fill in the following map of a Medieval manor.