Call for "Arts & Health" Events and Presentations

Call for "Arts & Health" Events and Presentations
The Midwest Arts in Healthcare Network (MAIHN) encourages creative event planning for its
upcoming Arts & Health Community Celebration to take place during the entire month of
April, 2010.
Healthcare facilities, retirement homes, schools, colleges and universities, community clinics,
arts organizations and others are invited to develop, present, and promote "Arts and Health"
exhibitions, performances, and informative presentations. Programs focusing on the arts and
Patient Well Being, Healthcare Environments, Caring for Caregivers and/or Community Well
Being are ideal for this celebration. Possible venues include:
gallery exhibits
dance and theatre performances
poetry readings
art and music therapy demonstrations
open houses
healing garden tours
and many others
The Midwest Arts in Healthcare Network (MAIHN) will promote these events on its website
and through the media. This month-long celebration will culminate with the Society for the
Arts in Healthcare's 21st Annual International Conference, hosted by the University of
Minnesota, to be held at the Minneapolis Hilton from April 28 to May 1, 2010.
This will be an opportunity to educate the public and increase awareness of the growing field
of Arts in Healthcare! To participate go to or contact [email protected]
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