Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge
Opened in 1894 ( it took 8 years to build) by Edward VII, when he was Prince
of Wales. Tower Bridge was built as the most seaward (merepoolne) of the
capital´s bridges over the Thames, built with a rising centre roadway (sõidutee),
to enable ships to pass it on their way to the Docks. The system was electrified
in 1976. The bridge is 60 meters long and its towers rise to a height of 43
meters. Still in use today the bridge is still opened for river traffic many times in
a week.
The two towers are joined near the top by a catwalk (ühendussild) which
gives beautiful views along the river Thames. Nowadays there is a museum in
the bridge called the Celebration Story.
It is one of the most famous bridges in the world, enduring (kestev) symbol of