Designed and built in 11 months, while incorporating a progressive design
of new technologies, the New I-35W Bridge is a bridge for the future. An
emergency replacement, fast-track design/build project, this 10-lane
interstate bridge was opened to traffic on September 18, 2008, more than
3 months early. The 504’ main span across the Great Mississippi River
was constructed in just 47 days. The new bridge incorporates many
innovative and eco-conscious materials, including the first use of lowenergy LED highway lighting in America, the first major use of a new
pollution-eating cement in the gateway elements, and state-of-the-art
smart bridge technology that monitors bridge behavior in real time and
provides valuable feedback for the future of bridges. The elegant arching
shapes, curved piers and white color create a bridge that fits in harmony
with the surrounding site. Successful completion of this bridge achieved
the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s vision for quality, safety,
and innovation. Winner of 5 design awards including the Number 1
position on Roads and Bridges 2008 Top 10 Bridges list.