Julius Caesar Exam Review Sheet

Julius Caesar Exam Review Sheet
Characterization (personality traits, actions, speech,
dialogue, thoughts/feelings, strengths, flaws, and
other people’s points of view)
A. Julius Caesar
B. Casca
C. Calpurnia
D. Antony
E. Soothsayer
F. Brutus
G. Cassius
H. Cinna, the conspirator
I. Cinna, the poet
J. Portia
K. Decius
L. Metellus
M. Citizens
N. Octavius
O. Lepidus
P. Caesar’s ghost
Literary Elements—evidence and purpose
A. Foreshadowing/Omens
B. Internal Conflict
C. External Conflict
D. Irony
E. Alliteration
F. Plot’s Major Events—initial incident, rising
action, climax, falling action, resolution
G. Symbolism
H. Metaphor
I. Simile
J. Anachronism
K. Repetition
L. Personification
M. Iambic Pentameter
N. Setting (time period-44 B.C., Rome, Italy)
III. Influence of Shakespeare’s Life and Times
IV. Julius Caesar and the Human Experience