Obituary Assignment

Obituary Assignment
For this assignment, you will write your own Obituary. If you are not familiar with
obituaries, you can look in the newspaper or search “obituaries” on a search engine. For
your own obituary, please follow the guidelines below.
It must be more than 250 words in length.
It must be written in Blue or Black pen or typed.
o If typed, you must write in 12 pt, Times New Roman Font, double spaced,
following MLA guidelines.
o ONE EXCEPTION, if you may be creative and make it look like a
newspaper page, but it still must be more than 250 words.
Your obituary must include the following details:
o Assume you will live until you are at least 80 years old.
o What you did for a living/career
o Who were the important people in your life [spouse (if any), children (if
any), friends, other relatives, important work associates or partners)]
o What were your important accomplishments
o Quotes from others (real people or imagined) saying what they thought of
o Write it in the 3rd person (as if someone else is writing about you)
o Be Creative!!
The point of this assignment is to think about the life you want to have, what you
hope to have accomplished and what you hope you will leave as a legacy. This is
what you should have in your obituary for this assignment.