PREVIEW Grammar Proficiency Exam, May 13

Grammar Proficiency Exam
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I. Identify Parts of Speech
Identify the part of speech of words underlined in the sentences below. Use these abbreviations:
N for noun, V for verb, ADV for adverb, ADJ for adjective, PRON for pronoun, CONJ for
conjunction, PREP for preposition, INT for interjection. (8 items)
II. Identify the Nouns and Types of Nouns
Identify the types of nouns underlined below. In the blank, write a C if the noun is common or a
P if the noun is proper; write Con if the noun is concrete or Ab if the noun is abstract. Write CP
if an underlined noun is a compound noun. (5 items)
III. Form Plural Nouns
Please make the nouns below into plurals: (10 words)
Use Proper Form of Pronoun
Write the appropriate pronoun for each sentence in the blank. (5 items)
Identify Prepositional Phrases
Bracket four of the six prepositional phrases in the passage below.
VI. Make Verb Agree with Subject
In the blank, write the verb that agrees with the subject. (5 items)
VII. Identify Parts of the Sentence
In the blank, write the abbreviation that identifies the part of the sentence played by the underline
word(s): S for subject, V for verb, DO for direct object, IO for indirect object, PN for predicate
noun, PA for predicate adjective, CON for conjunction. (8 items)
VIII. Identify the Sentence Structure
In the blank, write the sentence type: Simple (S), Compound (CD), Complex (CX),
Coumpound Complex (CPCX) (8 items)
VI. Proofread the Copy.
In the copy below, look for proper use of frequently misused words, capitals, and
punctuation. For each underlined word or passage, write OK if it is properly used OR write
the change you would make in the blank.
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