The first four are Social Studies terms that you will be using in class

HW Oct. 11/12 due Oct 19
1) Word Study: Be sure to use the sentence in context and to write the word in color.
The first four are Social Studies terms that you will be using in class:
Colonialism – (noun) - the policy or practices of a nation extending or maintaining control over
previously independent territories.
Command Economy – (noun) - An economy where supply and price are regulated by the
government rather than market forces. Government planners decide which goods and services are
produced and how they are distributed. (Think former Soviet Union)
Market Economy- (noun) - A system of allocating resources based only on the interaction of market
forces, such as supply and demand. A true market economy is free of governmental influence,
collusion and other external interference. (think USA)
Traditional Economy – (noun) -An underdeveloped economy in which communities use primitive
tools and methods to harvest and hunt for food, often resulting in little economic growth. Traditional
economies are often found in rural regions with high levels of subsistence farming
Consequence – (noun) - that which follows; a result.
Conspicuous – (adjective) - easily seen; obvious.
Deplete - (verb) - to lessen drastically; exhaust.
Designate (verb) - to choose for a particular job or purpose.
Diligent – (adjective) – trying hard and steadily to achieve a goal
Dominate- (verb) - to rule over; govern; control.
Write the definition of the suffixes. Write the three words that follow the definition, and use one word per suffix
in a sentence that allows you to understand the word’s meaning
de- (prefix) - down, away
Examples: descend, deteriorate, deregulate
-ate – (suffix) – to make
Examples: accelerate, vaccinate, calculate
2) Reading comprehension sheet: (Africa Overview) handout: You will write down your
thoughts like you did with the Lit. Circle books, but this time you won’t use sticky notes. Just
write directly on the paper in the margin and circle or underline key information. Then, answer
the 2 pages of question that follow.
3) Free Read: 30 minutes 5 nights and have parent sign agenda on 5 of the days.
4) Parts of Speech 10/11/10 see handout on next page
FIRST, label each word in the sentences according to their “job,” which is their part of speech. Use the
abbreviations we learned in class. (see the underlined part of each part of speech below)
THEN, fill in the words in the chart at the bottom of the page.
FINALLY, review for the quiz on Wednesday 10/20/10.
1) Under the cabinet, the sink was leaking slowly from the old drain pipe.
2) A scary, odd sound suddenly erupted inside the messy and unorganized garage.
3) Whew! The strenuous workout challenged me tremendously but I finished.
5 Nouns: ________________, _____________, _____________, _______________________, __________________,
4 Verbs: __________ ________________, ________________, _______________________, _____________________
13 Adjectives: _______, ___________, __________, _________, _________, _____, _________, ________,
_______, ___________________, ___________________, ________, ________________________
3 Adverbs: __________________, __________________, _________________________
Pronouns: _________, __________________
Conjunctions: ___________, __________
Interjections: ____________________
Prepositions: _____________, _____________, __________________________