Corpus Searches

Corpus Searches
does let alone only occur in the company of negative clauses?
but as a noun: (and a small but in comparison to the
buffet a noun and a verb
Colours as nouns: and the greens reflecting in the ubiquitous little ponds
Delexical verb work:
search for THINK as a noun etc.
Compare the relative freq of Think as a noun in spoken and written corpora.
compare need of with need for
whether – is or not oblig?
the concerned person vs the person concerned
Problem words:
misuse of enumerated, listed etc. Students don’t seem to realize what these words mean.
What is the difference between ellipse and ellipsis. Collocations have the answer as to what
fields they belong in.
Collocation of Make with Problem is intereesting
Of course you can make a problem worse or something makes cooking a problem, make is not
the verb that directly expresses
But "like" is mostly followed by "-ing" forms. "would like" is mostly followed by "to + inf".
like + to 14142
with would 9027
with should 410
with might 336
like +V.G 5352
would 108 in: it would be like … i.e. like = PRP