Organizers: National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Earth`s

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Earth’s Sciences Management and Marketing Centre of Ukrainian
Geological-Research Institute of NAS of Ukraine
All-Ukrainian Association of Geoinformatics
European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers
EAGE Local Chapter Kyiv
Institute of applied problems of ecology, geophysics and geochemistry
Chairman of Organizing Committee :
Dr. Mykola Yakymchuk, president of All-Ukrainian Association of Geoinformatics,
director of Earth’s Sciences Management and Marketing Centre of Ukrainian Geological-Research Institute of NASU
D e a r C o l l e a g u e s!
We would like to invite you to become honorable participants in the work of the VIII International Conference,
centered round the topic: “Geoinformatics: theoretical and applied aspects” (Kyiv, March 24-27, 2009). Wide
representation of native intellectual potential of academic, university and branch sciences annually held under
the support of international organizations and geoscientific communities confirms to acclaimed standards of
conferential framework, guarantees the possibility to obtain interesting and worthwhile information oriented
researchers and experts investigating versatile Earth’s Sciences with reference to current and far-reaching
perspectives fostering the development of Geoinformatics.
THE PUPORT OF THE CONFERENCE: demonstration of innovative theoretical and practical achievements
contributing to fulfilling multifaceted tasks of Nature Sciences in the province of employing modern
technologies of generating, processing, analyzing and storing data.
All correspondence concerning the Conference including statements, as well questions and wishes should be
addressed to:
 Tatarinova Elena Alexandrovna – secretary of Organizing Committee
Earth’s Sciences Management and Marketing Centre of
Ukrainian Geological-Research Institute of NAS of Ukraine
1, Laboratorny Side Str., room 260,
01133, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel: 38 044 522-8145, Fax: 38 044 522-9897,
The Format of the conference- plenary and sectional meetings
Key provisions of the agenda and sectional topicality:
General items of discussion:
1. Theoretical and concept questions of scientific and methodic basics of Geoinformatics
2. Modern applied technologies working out the tasks of power-engineering and mineral-resources
mining complex
3. Geologic-informational systems and data base
4. Mathematical methods in the sphere of Earth’s Sciences
5. Modeling of geologic processes and geologic objects
6. Management and decision-making principles
Generally acknowledged theory of Earth’s development
Stratigraphic and geochronological scales
The study of the Earth’s crust and lithosphere
Tectonics and geodynamics
Geology of sedimentary basins
Geophysical researches:
Seismology and seismic prospecting
The theory of resilient wave propagation
Geophysical exploration of wells
Gravitational, magnetic, electric fields – processing and interpretation
Remote sensing of the Earth
Prognosis, quest, prospecting and exploitation of hydrocarbon deposits and mineral resources:
Regional geology of oil and gas basins
The formation of hydrocarbon systems
Natural oil and gas reservoirs
Geophysical and geochemical investigation of hydrocarbon and useful minerals deposits
Not deep-seated geological-geophysical exploration:
Hydrogeology: dynamics and regime of subterranean water
Geological engineering
Geological-ecological analysis
Other topics
All of accompanying aspects will also be considered in the Program of the Conference.
The Conference program is formed according to real applications of participants.
Attention! According to received applications there might be set other directions, not included in the above list.
In order to have the program of the conference thoroughly formed, please, mark positions (up to 3items) pertinent
to the topic of Your report in Your declaration of participation.
In order to become a participant You must in fixed terms follow the below-mentioned procedure:
1. Declaration to the organizational committee should be sent by post/fax/email
Ore registration on the site:
Submit reports in the format of articles to the organizational committee to have the conference materials
convened in time
Registration fees
Registration fee is 200 euro and includes access to the conference, edition of the program, materials of
conference, package of documents for work, coffee -breaks, closing dinner
By 15.10.2008
Sending about and distribution on the site of the conference informational
By 10.02.2009
Reception of declarations for participation
By 20.02.2009
Reception of reports
By 01.03.2009
Remuneration fees for participation
By 10.03.2009
Distribution on the site of the conference supplementary information regarding
registration of the participants, videlicet TIME and PLACE of conducting
The Organizing Committee evinces a design to publish texts of presentations accepted at the Conference.
The text of every author (joint authorship) should be presented for consideration in 10-page volume of
A4 format, on page-square 17 x 25 cm, interval 1,5 between lines, type size is 12 pins of Times New Roman
(including tables, illustrations, references, short summary). All materials should be submitted in computer files
on 3,5" diskette, on paper sheets in 2 copies that are ready for publication. All texts, tables and formulas must
be computer-set in Microsoft Word 6.0 or later for Windows. At the beginning of an article (text) you should
indicate the Name and Surname of the author (all authors), the title of the organization, the city, zip and
country, after a double interval you point the title of the article, and after the following double interval – the
abstract and the beginning of the article. All illustrations must be fulfilled in graphical format only
(*wmf,*jpg,*cdr). Every article (text) must be signed by all authors.
Participants’ accommodation
Accommodation of participants and accompanying persons is planned in hotels of Kyiv.
The prices are: from USD 150.
Application Form
For participation in the 8-th International Conference
Surname ________________________________________________________________________
Scientific degree, rank ______________________________________________________________
Organization, job position
Address ________________________________________________________________________
Telephone _______________________________________________________________________
Fax ____________________________________________________________________________
E-mail __________________________________________________________________________
I plan to take part in the work of the Conference: with a report, without ones
Paper title _______________________________________________________________________
Scientific directions ________________________________________________________________
Authors (in that order, which is specified in the article)
Surname ________________________________________________________________________
Name _________________________________________________________________________
Please, indicate positions (up to 3items) pertinent to the topic of Your report in Your
declaration of participation.