Art at Almont Middle School bridges the gap between the

Art at Almont Middle School bridges the gap between the elementary and high school. Its function is to continue
to develop the students' creative abilities, instill an enthusiasm and appreciation of the visual arts, and to develop
the skills necessary for self-expression. Through art experiences, your student continues to build skills such as
critical thinking and creative problem-solving. An effective artistic background can enhance a student’s ability to
think. In art there isn’t one correct answer, there is a multitude of possibilities. The ability to think along a variety of
paths is an invaluable skill set and will undoubtedly be utilized throughout your child’s lifetime no matter what field
he/she chooses. The art room is place where your student will explore many techniques and materials in an
environment conducive to creativity.
Each day I expect the students to…
 Participate (staying on task, using time wisely, completing work daily, clean up, class preparedness,
positive attitude, arriving on time).
 Be respectful to adults, others students/artwork and materials.
 Be responsible (completing work, clean up, using materials appropriately).
 Retrieve needed materials and be ready to begin.
 Bring necessary materials.
 Use class time wisely.
 Complete work on time.
 Have a good attitude and open mind.
 Make up work if absent.
The students are assessed on the following items…
 Major Projects
 Minor Projects (worth 2 extra credit points each)
 Art Show Project Submission
 Digital Portfolio
 Weekly Participation
 Short Writing/Reading Assignments
Major Projects are assessed using a rubric. Students are asked to self evaluate before turning in for teacher
assessment. This allows the students responsibility for their work and participation on each major project.
Participation is first evaluated by the student prior to receiving the teacher’s assessment. Participation sheets
will be collected at the end of each week.
Art class is mainly a ‘hands-on’ experience. However IPads will be used for some activities such as note taking,
digital portfolios, checking for understanding and researching. Students will have a designated area to store IPads
when not in use, away from materials that have the potential to damage equipment.
Required Materials:
The only items required for this class are a pencil, IPad and a good attitude. Listed below are requested items.
These are for donation only.
The arts have many lessons to teach and I believe every student should have the opportunity to participate in an
arts-based curriculum. I look forward to having your student in my class. By signing below you have read through
the syllabus and acknowledge the expectations and requirements set for your student.
Thank you for taking a moment to review the syllabus. If you should have any questions regarding the class or your
student please feel free to contact me.
Contact Information:
Mrs. Breanne Jostock
4624 Kidder Rd.
Almont, MI 48003
(810) 798-3578 ext. 9432
[email protected]
Requested Items:
Tights or Nylons (new/used but washed)
Toilet Paper (Single or Multiple Rolls – For Paper Mache Pulp)
Cut and return bottom portion.
Student Name
Parent Name
Email Address
Parent Signature