Mr - Maple Valley School District

Course Description: Applied Mathematics is designed to help students develop and
refine job related math skills. Units focus on arithmetic operations, problem solving
techniques, estimation of answers, measurement skills, algebra, geometry, data handling,
statistics, and computers. Emphasis is on the ability to apply functional mathematics to
solve problems in the world of work.
Mr. Milbrandt’s guidelines towards learning
Applied Math
Your job, as the student, is to learn.
You are not in this class to just sit back and take up space. You are required to
put forth an effort to positively influence your learning process.
My job, as the teacher, is to help you learn.
I will not do the work for you, make things easy, entertain you, or allow you to
slide by without thinking and applying yourself.
In order to have a successful year in this class, you must…
 Put forth an effort
 Do the work that is assigned
 Complete all work on your own, unless a group project is assigned. Cheaters will
be given a zero. NO EXCEPTIONS!
 Turn in your work ON time!
o Late work will not be tolerated.
 If you don’t understand something, ask! There are no “dumb” questions!
 Be prepared
o Have your homework and reading assignments completed before you
come to class.
o Bring everything with you to class
 Pencil, textbook, notebook, folder, whatever else you will need.
 Have a positive attitude and expect to learn something
o If you think the class and the things we do are going to stink, they will. If
you have a positive attitude, things with seem easier and more enjoyable.
o You can learn math and enjoy it! Give it a chance!
 Cell phones
o Cell phones are not allowed (if they ring, ding, or otherwise they will be
taken away as the school rules say). You may use them as a calculator if
you wish. One misuse (text, phone call) results in immediate elimination
of privilege.
Other things to consider
 You are in high school and know how to behave in class. The key words
are appropriate and respectful; you all know what is acceptable and what
is not.
o Respect each other as well as myself. If I am talking and you have
a question, raise your hand and I will get to you when I am
finished speaking.
Work Time
 When you are fortunate enough to receive work time at the end of the
hour, use it wisely. If you choose to waste your work time in the
classroom, you will lose it for everyone.
Leaving the room
 You are required to be in the classroom for the entire period and should
only leave the classroom if it is an emergency. If you need to use the
restroom as an emergency, your cell phone (if it is on you) will be placed
in the top basket on my desk.
Extra Credit
 Should you be fortunate enough to be given an extra credit assignment,
take advantage, it will help out a lot!
 When grade sheets are sent home occasionally, if they come back signed
and dated by a parent/guardian you will receive 5 extra credit points.
Attitude Points
 25 “attitude” points will be available each quarter. They will be based on
your attitude in class. If you keep a positive attitude, well-behaved, and
put forth an effort each and everyday, you will receive all 25. The points
are yours to lose.
 Keep in mind, if you are borderline between grades, this could determine
you getting bumped up.
 If you are disruptive and chose not to follow the rules of the classroom,
you may not be bumped to the higher grade.
 Be respectful to each other, the classroom, and myself.
 Inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
 Golden Rule
Any Questions?
I am looking forward to a very productive year and we will have a good time in this class.
If there is something you do not understand, make sure you ask. Besides class time, I
will be available after school depending on athletic scheduling as well as before school,
1st hour, 2nd hour, and 7th hour. Do not hesitate to come in and get help. That is what I
am here for. is my email address if you need to get ahold of
me after school hours.
General Rules:
Be prepared for class
Obey school rules
Respect and treat each other fairly
Work to do your best
If you say you can – you can
If you say you can’t – you won’t!