Hugh Thomas

Hugh Thomas
Independent Chair of the Regulatory Board
for Wales
Regulation in Wales
Introduction and context
• The Essex Report and Review
• Developed alongside the sector
• Terms of reference set for the Regulatory Board for
Wales (RBW)
• Accountability at all levels
Core regulatory principles
Strong accountability
A citizen focused approach
Proportionate to risk
Transparent links between risk and response
Consistent across the sector
Promoting improvement and learning
Key framework elements
Self assessment by Housing Associations
Performance standards
Relationship management approach
Annual regulatory assessment
A Strong voice for the service user
Unique policy context of Wales opposed to
• Relationship management approach
• Unique Welsh position
• Portfolio allocation of HAs to Senior Regulation
• Building a soft and hard intelligence base
• Learning the specific circumstances of particular HAs
How far has the Regulator travelled?
• Consultation to date indicates strong sector support for the
• Further consultation on operational approach to Regulation
• Finalising the Regulators approach to performance standards
• First meetings of the Regulatory Board and Tenants Advisory
Panel imminent
• Taking forward the ‘unique’ Welsh approach