Miss McCaughan

2007 - 2008
Biology – CP
Course Syllabus and Classroom Policies
Ms. Henley
Welcome to Biology!! I can’t wait to introduce you to the wonders of life science. My objective for this class is to
teach you the fundamental concepts of biology in an engaging and interactive manner through which you will build
upon your critical thinking and writing skills. Hopefully when you leave this class some of you will become
scientists, even biologists. However, I hope everyone will walk away with a better understanding of the living
world and more willing to question your surroundings.
Biology-CP is a college preparatory laboratory science course designed to meet college entrance requirements. This course
will offer the student an intensive learning experience in selected areas of the biological sciences. Areas covered will be the
fundamentals of biochemistry, the structure and function of the cell and multicellular organisms, the energy systems of plants
and animals, and the genetic continuity of living organisms.
Semester I
Lab Safety, Materials, Scientific Methods
Chemistry of Life
Cell Structure and Function
Cell Energy (Photosynthesis & Respiration)
Cell Growth and Division
DNA Structure and Function
Protein Synthesis
Cell Division & Meiosis
CA State Science Standards
Investigation & Experimentation a-m
Cell Biology 1b, h
Cell Biology 1a, b, c
Cell Biology 1f, 1g
Genetics 2a, b
Genetics 5a, b
Cell Biology 1d, e, Genetics 4a-e, 5c
Genetics 2a-g
Semester 2
Genetics and Heredity
Geologic Time Scale
Human Physiology
Reproduction and STDs/AIDS Education
Genetics 2e-g, 3a,b, 4d, 7b, c
Evolution 8e
Evolution 7a-d, 8a-d
Ecology 6a, b, d, e, f
Physiology 9 a-e, 10 a-e
All CA Standards Listed Above
Students will take a Common Assessment (Exam) after each unit of study approximately every 4 weeks
**Subject to changes at teacher’s discretion**
1. Respect Yourself and Others
Always speak respectfully to the teacher as well as other students. Keep our classroom clean. Profanity will
not be tolerated. Respect others personal space.
2. Be ON time
You will be considered tardy if you are not in your seat when the second bell rings. Tardy policy will be
strictly enforced.
3. Be Prepared
All students should bring their notebook, a pencil/pen, along with any additionally needed supplies to class
every day. All homework should be completed before coming to class. Be ready to learn.
4. Follow Directions
Be aware of what is going on in class at all times. Listen carefully to all directions and follow them exactly.
Pay close attention to all lab procedures and follow them.
5. Be Honest
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2007 - 2008
Every student should do their own work. Copying or plagiarizing of any work or talking during tests or quizzes
will result in a ZERO for that assignment. When working in groups all members are to participate.
6. No Electronic Devices
Cell phones, MP3 players, etc. are not to be on or visible during class. If out or being used during class time
the device will be confiscated and turned into the guidance office to be picked up after school by the
7. No Food or Drinks
1st Violation: Warning from teacher.
2nd Violation: Loss of participation points, citizenship grade lowered and student violation form.
3rd Violation: Loss of participation points, citizenship grade lowered and parent notification form.
Further Violations: Student will be removed from the class for one period. Citizenship grade lowered.
Possible referral/Viewpoint and request for parent conference.
*Severe Clause: Any chronic/severe problems will result in a parent conference/possible removal from the class.*
It is extremely important that students attend class everyday! Absences and tardies will affect a portion of the student’s grade
in the form of participation points.
The following tardy policy will be strictly enforced. Students will be considered TARDY if they are not in their seats when the
second bell rings. Students missing class due to school-wide tardy sweeps will NOT be able to make up work, quizzes or
tests missed as a result.
First Tardy:
Second Tardy:
Third Tardy:
Fourth Tardy:
Fifth Tardy:
Verbal warning from teacher
Loss of daily participation points
Loss of daily participation points, parent notification & citizenship grade lowered “N”
Loss of daily participation points, parent notification & citizenship grade lowered “U”
Student may be dropped from class
Students are required to have the following materials in class EVERYDAY beginning the first Friday of school. Materials will
be checked regularly and used as points counted in the class grade. Students are expected to keep their notebooks organized
in the fashion explained by the teacher. Students will not receive notebook check points for unorganized papers.
3-Ring Notebook: MUST be at least 1” thickness, no tiny binders allowed. Strongly recommend binder only
used for science to help keep you organized!
Dividers (4 minimum): Clearly labeled for each section: Current Assignments, Notes, Graded Work,
Pens and Pencils
Highlighters/Colored Pens are useful in note-taking activities but not required
Late work will be accepted at the discretion of the teacher for partial credit. No late work will be submitted after the
completion of the unit of study. The teacher will determine any special circumstances.
Some assignments/activities in this class will be completed in groups. It is very important that all group members share
responsibility since many points will be given to the group as a whole. Any group member found not contributing to a group
assignment or lab will receive no credit for the assignment.
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2007 - 2008
Each student is required to earn 50 points for class participation per quarter. These points can be earned for participation in
class discussions, question and answer sessions, exceptionally good behavior, helpfulness, and any other acts the teacher sees
fit. These points will not be awarded through student request.
Students will take a quiz every Friday on covering material from the current week and including topics requiring additional
review. At the end of each Unit students will take a Common Assessment (Exam), which takes place approximately every 4
weeks. Tests and quizzes account for approximately 45% of the total class grade.
Total class grade will be determined using a traditional scale: 90% and above earns an A, 89-80% B, 79-70% C, 69-60% D, and 59% and
below results in an F.
The best way for parents/students to contact me with questions or concerns is through email at
[email protected], this email address is checked at least once per day. I can also be reached by phone at (562)
698-8121 ext. 6353 either before school or between 3-4 pm.
Students and parents should also frequently check the Teacher Website for assignments, PowerPoint presentations and other
important announcements. This can be found at www.wuhsd.k12.ca.us (select La Serna High School, select Staff Sites, select Henley, Shana).
I have read and understand all of the attached information. I agree to abide by the classroom policies and
procedures as well as the expected parent and student responsibilities.
Student Signature:
Print Name:
Parent Signature:
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Please feel free to contact teacher if there are any questions regarding the above material
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