Biography Report

Biography Report
Our next report will be based on the genre – biography. This report will have a different creative format. You
will be making the front page of a newspaper. I will provide the paper for you. All the pictures and articles
will be based on your biography person. You will display what you have learned about this person through
different journalism strategies that we may find in a newspaper.
In class we will view different front-page set-ups from various newspapers. Please also take the time at home to
review different varieties.
Your grade will be based on
 complete sentences
 punctuation and capitalization
 correct usage of grammar
 creativity (hint: the more realistic and detailed your paper looks, the higher your score)
 design and set-up of front page
 turned in on time
 all work must be hand done
 neatness and organization of information (needs to fit on one front side of the paper I will
give you)
The following are requirements for your front page: (remember each one is a separate article)
1. Newspaper title – character’s name [for example if you are doing Shirley Temple you might call it “The
Temple Times”.
2. Headline – a “grabber” about your character that would make us want to read on.
3. Vocabulary – 5 to 10 words used in sentences about your character that describe them or are related to their
achievements. Underline each word used.
4. Obituary – even if your character is still living, create an obituary about your character. If your person is
still living, you could create an ending yourself. Remember obituaries describe achievements and
organizations that a person is involved in over the course of their lifetime. It would be a good idea to take a
look at some in the newspaper to see how they are set-up, and what is included in each.
5. A detailed write up on at least two different achievements (can be one or two articles) your character has
6. Write about a contribution your character has made to society. This could be a result of an accomplishment.
Most contributions are positive, but some have negative influences. We learn from all of these
7. A drawing of your character.
8. *(bonus) Your choice to include something eye catching and creative. (5 points possible)
9. Your name – perhaps you are the editor of the paper.
Due Date ____________________________________________