advanced math - Dake Junior High School

PR: ’15-16
Mr. Reininger
Room 308; Period 6
Welcome to Algebra 1!
Congratulations; you’ve made it to High School Algebra! This class will stretch your thinking, learning and
performance to levels that you never knew possible, and I am excited to be able to work with you in
achieving this. It may be tough at first, but I promise you that with hard work and dedication, by the
end of it you will be amazed and proud of what you have accomplished.
Fast Facts:
1. The grade and credit for this class will appear on your high school transcript. You will have a
Common Core Final Exam in June that is a requirement in order for you to graduate high school.
2. This class covers all mathematics from eighth and ninth grade, and possibly some from 10th and
11th, so basically you are doing the same math as students at the high school. The course is fastpaced and rigorous, unlike any that you’ve experienced so far, and will require a greater amount of
effort, focus, and dedication than you may be used to.
3. Two percentage points will be added on to your final course grade due to advanced placement.
4. Topics covered include (not in order): problem-solving strategies, complex equation solving, linear
and non-linear relationships, inequalities, polynomial operations and factoring, properties and
applications of quadratic relationships and functions, analytic geometry, statistics, *and an
overarching emphasis on modeling in algebra.
5. This class will be challenging, but is your chance to really showcase your mathematical abilities
and strong work ethic through perseverance.
1. All students must show respect for themselves, each other, and their surroundings.
 Remember your manners. You are expected to engage in effective and appropriate
conversations; to listen to one another, use appropriate language, and respect the diversity
of others.
 Stay in your space – keep your area organized, pick up after yourself, and respect the area
of others.
 Treat any materials provided/borrowed with care – respect the property of others.
2. All students must come to class ON TIME, PREPARED, and READY TO LEARN.
 It is your responsibility to arrive on time, being aware that class time will not be used for
trips to the bathroom, locker, or drinking fountain.
 Display proper classroom behavior, and follow daily routines. Understand that you are
responsible for your own learning each and every day.
3. All students are expected to follow daily routines.
 Come to class with a positive attitude.
 Have homework out, and be ready with questions.
 Write the day’s homework assignment in your planner.
 Begin the warm-up (which may be counted toward grades).
 Actively participate in learning throughout every class period
4. All students are expected to exhibit outstanding participation.
 Your learning is your responsibility. You must be positively involved, share ideas, ask
questions, and listen to and work with others.
Daily Materials:
Students will need the following to be prepared for math class:
Calculator (Graphing)
Writing Utensil (pencil preferred)
Quarterly scores will be calculated in the following manner:
(Subject to change based on teacher discretion)
Tests/Quizzes 75%
Different forms of assessment will be given
throughout each unit to measure student progress.
Homework will be given daily. Practice makes perfect!
*Extra credit will be applied at teacher discretion
Class time is essential! Non-attendance affects student learning and achievement since class discussions
and activities cannot be easily replicated. YOUR GRADE WILL BE NEGATIVELY AFFTECTED BY NOT
COMPLETING ABSENT WORK. If an absence is necessary, extra copies of missed work will be made
available. The number of days you have to turn in missed assignments is equal to the number of days that
you were out. Any assignment given before you were absent will be due on the day you return to school.
If you are absent on a quiz/test day, expect to make it up the day you return. See me to discuss any
special circumstances. It is your responsibility to seek assistance in completing missed work.
Homework Policy:
Expect a homework assignment every day. Homework is a very important part of your math education.
Homework will be graded on a 2-point scale primarily for effort over accuracy.
2 points – all problems attempted to the best of your ability with work/effort evident.
1 point – some problems attempted with some obvious effort.
0 points – little or no effort in completing the assignment.
*Since this is a high school class, late homework will not be accepted.
*Homework may occasionally be collected and graded to check for accuracy.
Class and Contact Info:
1. Schedule:
I teach math classes 1st, 6th, 7th, and 9th periods. I am here to help you succeed,
so please ask questions and come to see me before or after school or during my
free periods ANY TIME you need help.
2. Website:
Found through Dake’s main website.
3. Email:
[email protected]
**Please utilize my website and email as often as needed. I will always respond to emails as soon
as possible.