Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection
Department of Geography and Tourism
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zenonas Gulbinas
Studentų str. 39, Vilnius LT-08106, room 316, tel. +370 687
36243, zenonas.gulbinas@leu.lt
Language of Instruction
Required Prerequisites
Suggested Academic Cycle Bachelor degree studies (4th year of studies)
or Year of Studies
ECTS Credits
Contact Hours per Week
Compulsory/ Elective
Lectures, seminars and individual consultations
Methods of Teaching
2 PP presentations (15%+15%), individual essay (30%), final
Form of Assessment
test (40%)
Title of the Study Program
Title of the Module
Faculty, Department
Course Description
Main goal of the course is to introduce students with protection of different components of
environment, systems of protected areas and environmental monitoring in Lithuania,
management and legal aspects of environmental protection.
Pollution, disturbances or disappearance of different components of environment (air, water,
soil, land entrails, flora and fauna) are analyzed and protection of these components is
discussed in the course of environmental protection. The formation of waste and its
management, the mechanism of physical-technological pollution are under consideration.
Much attention is given to introduction to the system of protected areas and environmental
monitoring in Lithuania and analysis of the state of environment in Lithuania on the basis of
the most new data.
Basics of legal aspects of environmental protection and state management system of
environmental protection in Lithuania are presented as well.
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