Curriculum Forecast Instructions

Valence Primary School Curriculum Forecast
Year Group: Nursery
Term: Spring 1 2016
Theme: Yum!
Communication, Language & Literacy
~ Children give meaning to their marks as
they draw and write, including writing their
~ Joins in with repeated phrases in stories eg:
“Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch
me I’m the gingerbread man”.
~ Speaks in sentences and uses words such
as ‘and’ or ‘because’ to make their
explanations more detailed.
~ Children use books independently, turn the
pages and begin to understand that print has
~ Begins to use the language of size, including big,
small, bigger and smaller. Eg: puts 3 bears in size
order and says “daddy bear is big!”
~ Recites numbers in order up to 10 when playing
e.g. “I think I have 6, oh no, I have 7”
~ Counts 5 or more objects accurately, saying each
number in order.
~ Shows an interest in numerals and begins to
make marks to represent number.
~ Begins to match numerals and quantities
Physical Development
~ Children start to observe how activity effects
their body eg: “I was running around outside,
now I’m sweating!”
~ Beginning to dress independently, eg: puts
on own coat, scarf and hat then asks for help
with the zip or buttons.
~ Develops a range of basic ball skills
including catching, rolling, kicking and
dribbling a large ball.
~Can overwrite letters from their name card
and may begin to copy these letters.
Expressive Arts and Design
~ Uses a range of construction toys, joins
pieces together to build and begins to create
enclosures and towers.
~ Begins to build stories around toys and
props eg: role-plays the story of Goldilocks
with three bowls and spoons.
~ Explores and learns how sounds can be
changed using instruments, and begins to tap
out a repeated rhythm.
Understanding the World
~ Recognises and talks about significant events in
their own experience Eg: Birthdays, holidays, trips
to new places and family additions.
~ Children talk about things they notice and
observe including plants, animals, and natural
occurrences. Eg: “It is really windy outside, it is
really freezing”.
~ Developing technological skills and is able to use
the computer and other toys appropriately. Eg:
turns on beebot and presses arrows to move in
different directions.
Personal, Social & Emotional Development
~ Demonstrates friendly behaviour and begins to
form relationships with peers.
~ Children develop the confidence to talk to other
children confidently when playing. Eg: “I want to fill
it up, can you help me?”
~ Begins to accept the needs of others, can take
turns & share resources. Eg: A child is playing with
the toy car, when another child wants to play they
say “you can have a turn”.
Important Dates and Reminders
Children are now tracing their name when they arrive at Nursery every day, please ensure you
support this at home – we will be sending home copies of their name cards soon to help you with
our cursive formation.
Please ensure your child is wearing correct school uniform every day, this includes shoes, trainers
or boots that are all black. If you have any queries please speak to a staff member.
We will soon be starting to send home a weekly school library book and Mr Ted, please ensure all
children have their book bag with them every day, if a child does not have a book bag they will not
be given a new book.
Spring term parent meetings will take place in Spring 2 – information regarding these meetings will
follow this half term in a separate letter.
Friday 12th February – Inset Day, School closed
Monday 15th February to Friday 19th February – Half term, School closed
Thank you for your on-going support!