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Mrs B
Commercial Products
 Local – National – Global
 Access
 Changing and Evolving
Generation of money is critical to the
ongoing success of any Popular Culture
Increasing the variety of products sold is also
Paraphernalia is the odds and ends that are
often sold in association with a Popular
Culture – badges, chocolate bars or the
ultimate – the Pez dispenser.
The is the least rigid of the characteristics,
especially in modern times, where the
internet can catapult genre’s, films, toys into
global acceptance almost instantaneously.
Generally though most artists/toys etc move
through these phases.
Consumers need to be able to interact with
the popular culture – touch it, use it
whenever they want.
The greater avenues of access the more
likely the public is to adopt and connect with
the Popular Culture
To maintain interest and maintain $$$$ the
popular culture must change and adapt over
This can be to reflect social shifts, to appeal
to a wider audience, or to generate new
For two examples of popular culture describe
the key characteristics giving specific
Using the icon that you have been given
describe its key distinguishing