Year One - St Patrick's Liverpool

Autumn Term Curriculum Overview 2015
Labels and Captions – The children will learn the
purpose of simple classroom labels and lists, read simple
classroom labels with additional pictures or symbols, and
attempt to write labels, for instance in role-play area.
Stories with Familiar Settings - The children will
listen attentively to stories being told or read and then
identify the main characters and the setting. They will
also re-enact a story they have heard and include the
main character and some of the main events.
Black History Week – We will be reading a range of
texts which celebrate African history
Identifying and Classifying-Changing materials
Pupils are taught taught to:
Distinguish between an object and the material from
which it is made.
Identify and name a variety of everyday materials,
including wood, plastic, glass, metal, water, and rock
Describe the simple physical properties of a variety of
everyday materials .
Compare and group together a variety of everyday
materials on the basis of their simple physical
We will be learning:
To be able to describe the characteristics of toys.
To find out what toys our parents and grandparents
played with.
To find out what toys were like at different times in
the past.
To be able to identify toys that are old and toys that
are new.
To be able to describe how toys are different and how
they are the same.
To be able to create a toy museum.
Year 1 will be developing their agility with Mr. Hignett
Toys Past and Present
and studying Dance with Miss Edwards.
Number and Place Value
We will be learning to count to and across 100 from
0, 1 and any other given number .
We will be counting, reading and writing numbers to
100 in numerals.
We will also be learning to read and write numbers
from 1 to 20 in numerals and words.
We will identify and represent numbers using
objects and pictorial representations including the
number line, and use the language of “equal to”,
“more than” and “less than”.
Year 1 will be looking at the topic of ‘Families’.
This half term, we will be talking about the chilren’s
experiences and feelings about the roles of people
within families, saying what they wonder about the
care given to people within families and asking
questions about the difference between different
The children will be learning about being part of
different families such as our school family,
community family and God’s family.
In Spanish, we will be practicing greetings and personal
Maths Basic Skills
Year 1 will be…
questions in Spanish, as well as learning the numbers 0Practising our number bonds/pairs to 10.
English Basic Skills
Year 1 will be…
Practising our cursive handwriting.
30. We will also be learning the Spanish words for body
parts and colours.
Learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s.
Finding different ways to make numbers up to 10, e.g.
2+2=4, 1+3=4, 1+1+1+1=4.
Practicing spelling and reading our High Frequency
Learning to answer questions about different texts we
have read.
Designing Underpants for Aliens
The children will explore and say what they like and
dislike about a range of underpants.
They will learn to design an appealing product for
someone else based on design criteria.
They will also model a design using a template and a mockup.
They will explore the use of textiles during the topic.
New Beginnings
The whole school themes for this term are: ‘New
Beginnings’, ‘Getting On and Falling Out’ and ‘Say No to
In class, we will explore how to deal with the emotions
we feel when starting a new part of our lives and
thinking about how we treat each other with kindness
and respect. Also, we will think about how to behave if
we do not treat someone kindly.