Ideas for adding to your child*s Record of Achievement

Ideas for adding to your child’s Record of Achievement
You can explain to your child that you are going put some things in their
Record of Achievement together, so they can show everyone at nursery what
they have been doing at home.
You could:
• Write for your child
• Stick in photographs
• Include examples of their drawing and writing
• Include postcards, tickets, brochures, etc.
Subjects you could use:
• When I was a baby
• My family
• Where I live
• My friends
• Pets
• Things I like to do
• Things I like to play with
• Special events
The Record of Achievement books are kept in the Welcome Area at nursery,
please take your child’s Record of Achievement home anytime you would like
to add to it or look at what they have been doing. You can use the glue and
scissors in the Welcome Area if you would like to stick pictures in at nursery.