Great Debates: Topic List

Great Debates Greek and Rome Style: Topic List
1. Was Athenian democracy effective?
2. Was Sparta’s political structure (oligarchy)
more stable than Athens (democracy)?
3. Who was the greatest general: Alexander
the Great, Julius Caesar or Hannibal?
*3-way debate
4. Which was more superior: Athens or Sparta?
5. Which was more successful, the Roman
Republic or the Roman Empire?
6. Does Alexander the Great Merit His Exalted
Historical Reputation? *articles
7. Was the fall of Rome inevitable?
8. Which civilization has left more cultural
legacies on the modern world, Greece or Rome?
9. Did the rise of Christianity contribute to the
fall of Rome?
10. Who was more important to Greek history:
Pericles or Alexander the Great?
11. Who contributed more to culture in the
ancient world: Athens or Hellenistic Greece?
12. Who was the most influential philosopher
in Ancient Greece: Plato, Socrates, Aristotle?
13. Who was the greatest Roman Emperor:
Constantine, Augustus, Hadrian, Marcus
Aurelias? (pick 2 emperors to debate)
14. OTHER (teacher approved)