Mounting Systems mit eigener Produktion in USA

1.1 Footing with ramming profiles
Footing in accordance with specifications of stability certification
Anchoring depth as specified following subsoil testing
Top of post above the area, in accordance with the requirements of the mounting system
Average ram post length approx. … m
Tolerance limits permitted for installation …
Ram profile: Sigma 100 post in accordance with TL-SP 99 or similar
1.2 Footing on concrete
Footing in accordance with specifications of stability certification
Quality/thickness of concrete and dowels to be used as per structural analysis
The dowel manufacturer’s specifications for installation must be considered with
Type of dowel: … or similar
1.3 Footing with rotary base
Footing in accordance with specifications of stability certification
Substructure, 1-stand system (Sigma I or similar)
Mounting system with a row of posts, consisting of:
Supporting structure:
Connecting elements and small parts:
Aluminium, ENAW 6060/6063 T6
Stainless steel 1.4301/aluminium
For modules on a board with a max. length of 20m
Expansion gaps must be used for longer rows of boards. These must not be built over modules.
Dimensions of PV module:
Weight of PV module:
Module pitch:
Orientation of the modules (portrait or landscape):
Number of PV modules one above the other:
Number of PV modules parallel to each other:
Maximum module area: approx. 2.00m x length of board (corresponds e.g. to 1 module installed in portrait
orientation or 2-3 modules in landscape orientation)
Distance from bottom of module to ground (standard 80cm):
Footing as per stability certification
Mounting system consisting of the following individual components:
Pre-assembled girder for connecting to posts
Module support rail incl. connector and expansion connector
Inter-module clamp and end clamp
Connecting elements
If unframed modules are used, the module manufacturer’s mounting instructions must be complied with
accordingly and suitable clamps and anti-slip equipment must be used.
Structural certification for the mounting structure must be provided for each project before … (with submission
of tender, when order is placed, before construction begins).