Changing Grades - College of Arts and Sciences

An instructor may elect to submit a grade change after the grade has already been reported. Grade
changes must be reported to the department chair, the dean of the student’s home school/college, and
the Registrar’s Office. Any or all of those offices may require an explanation of the change, and may
require that additional information or forms be provided. All changes involving grading symbols must
adhere to University policies and procedures. The Registrar’s Office has final authority to approve
changes that involve grading symbols.
Letter grades (A- to D) for students in the College of Arts and Sciences that are changed after the end
of the semester immediately following the semester the course was taken, require a letter of
explanation from the instructor explaining the reason for the change. This letter must accompany the
grade change form when submitted by the instructor.
Grades may also be changed in the following circumstances:
•HEOP or SSSP students who receive grades of D or F during the Summer Start program will have these
grades recorded as WD on the transcript; by petition a grade of C- may be changed to a WD.
•Engineering and Computer Science students in the Summer Start program may petition to have grades
of C- or lower changed to WD.
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