Petition for Third and Final Attempt at a Course*

Petition for Third and Final Attempt at a Course*
Your Name:_______________________________________ M number: __________________
Your major: __________________Semester/Year of proposed third attempt________________
Name/number of course:____________________________ Previous course grades:__________
Please respond to the following questions.
What caused you to be unsuccessful in this course in the two previous attempts?
2. What will you do differently in this final attempt in order to be successful? (e.g., what
resources will you be using? What study or testing skills will you need to develop?)
I understand that I must pass _____________________ in this third attempt or be required to
change curriculum or withdraw from the university. I also understand that if I do not pass the
class in this third attempt, I cannot take the class at another institution and transfer the credit
back to Michigan Tech. This is my last opportunity to earn credit for this course.
Student signature
Departmental Approval (Advisor)
Dean of Students Approval
Financial Aid Approval
*Note: W grades do not count as previous “attempts.”