Habitats Quiz

Habitats of Georgia
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Selected Response
Match the word on the left with its description on the right by placing the letter of
the description on the blank provided.
1. _____ mountains
a. large body of salt water off the eastern coast of Georgia
2. _____ marsh/swamp
b. A landform on the surface of the earth that is much
higher than the land around it.
3. _____ coast/shore/beach c. land in Georgia with rolling hills, isolated mountains,
and rivers
4. _____ piedmont
d. the home of a living thing
5. _____ Atlantic Ocean
e. the land found next to oceans and lakes
6. _____ habitat
f. land that is low-lying and wet
Constructed Response
Choose two habitats found in Georgia. Fill in the Venn Diagram to compare and
contrast these habitats. List at least 3 characteristics that describe each habitat.
Then name three things found in all habitats.