Year 4 project homework Aut 2

Reduce Reuse Recycle
You have two weeks to complete this project homework. We are expecting work of an extremely high standard.
Due: Wednesday 11th January 2016
Remember that we have been studying habitats and how human behaviour can affect them. Your task is to consider how our behaviour in school affects our
local environment. What can you and your school community can do to make a positive impact on the environment?
Your homework must include for a bronze star:
 At least five ways that we have a negative effect on the environment at school.
Your homework should include for a silver star:
 A suggestion of ways to look after the environment.
 A poster to persuade the people of Highbury Quadrant Primary School to follow your suggestions.
Your homework could include for a gold star:
 Design a new habitat area for our school grounds.
 Annotate (label with detail) your ideas so that they are clear to your audience.
Key words that you must include in your homework:
habitat; climate; pollution; waste; environmentally friendly
Key words that you could include in your homework:
sustainable; positive; negative; impact; atmosphere; deforestation
What you will be marked on:
 Correct use of punctuation.
 The presentation of your work.
 Presenting your project to the class.
A useful resource: