How to Print and Use the Social Stories Below:

How to Print and Use these Social Stories
Choose a Social Story that fits your need, then:
Print and individualize by handwriting information on the lines provided
OR change or add wording by using your keyboard to delete/type
OR add photographs (adding a photo of the child is a great way to individualize) or
clipart from your computer
a) Click on the Social Story
b) From the toolbar at the top of your screen choose insert, then picture
c) From the menu that pops out, choose from file (for a photo from your computer)
or clipart (for other pictures)
d) Find your desired picture and click insert
e) To size this picture double click on the picture and choose layout from the tabs at
the top
f) Choose in front of text and OK to freely move your picture around the page
g) Lastly, click on your picture and find a dot in one of the corners to drag the
photograph to your desired size.
h) REMEMBER: Save your changes to the Social Story to your computer so you can
access it in the future!
i) **If you are unable to add your own pictures, trying saving it to your computer
first and then opening it from the new location.
OR use these Social Stories as inspiration to write your own!