Word Skill Lessons 1-3

Grade 3
Microsoft Word Skill Lessons
Language Arts
Word Processing – Lesson 2
Students will create a document in Microsoft Word with wordart and clipart to
enhance a curricular unit or make signs for a building event.
Time: 45 minutes
Technology Skill Learning Progression:
 Creativity and Innovation
o Graphics
 Insert clip art from word processor (D)
 Edit, size, and move graphics (D)
 Technology Operations and Concepts
o Word Processing
 Click/drag (M)
 Cursor movement/positioning (M)
Preparation & Procedures
1. Decide if and where students will save and what filename to use. Make sure they
each have a folder on the shared drive to save onto.
2. Make sure paper is in the printer and it is working.
 “Last time we were in the lab, we typed words in Microsoft Word. Today we will
use Microsoft Word for another purpose – for making signs! What kinds of skills
might we learn when making signs? What makes you want to read signs? (big
words, color, etc) What might you want to make a sign for? (to hang up,
computer lab, in building, in classroom, as a reminder, as an advertisement)
o How will our work today be different than the work we did last time?
o New terms: WordArt, clipart, insert
1. Model how to insert word art. Model how to resize it, move it, etc.
2. Introduce students to the word art toolbar. This toolbar contains the tools that
can help them with word art.
3. Teach how to text wrap!!!
4. Model how to insert clipart. Model how to resize it, delete it, etc.
5. Remind about text wrapping!!
6. Mention there is no color printer yet. Images should not have too much color
– students will have to color them upon coming out of the printer.
Grade 3