a PDF of How to Insert a Picture from the Internet

How to Insert Picture from Internet or other Source into your Web Page
Note: The clipart library provided by SchoolWires.net is limited. Going to the Internet will give
you better results in searching for pictures.
Step 1: Login to your desktop. Select the browser – Safari, FireFox, or Chrome
Note: Select pictures which have following extensions:
.jpeg or .jpg, .gif, .png(portable network graphic)
the image name must be one word, all lower case – NO capitals, spaces, or
funny characters
Step 2: Get a picture - If you already have a picture you would like to use, know where it
stored on your computer. If you are going to choose a picture from the Internet, click and drag
it to the desktop top. Any picture can be used on a educational website; however, do not
choose a picture that has a watermark over it. Google images is a great way to find pictures.
When you hover over the image on
the browser window, the name will
appear. This is the .jpg extension.
Dragging to desktop
Step 3: Go to the school website: http://www.rcsd.k12.ca.us/roycloud and Sign In to your site
manager account. Click on the webpage you want to add your picture to. Click on the area of
the webpage where you want to add your picture
Step 4: Click on the “Picture” icon to insert your picture.
Step 5: Click on “Upload Image”
This is the list of possible ways to find an image. Clipart is the
clipart library provided by SchoolWires.net. Existing image is if
you have already uploaded an image to your website and you want
to use it again.
Step 6: Click “Browse” for your picture – either on the desktop where you dragged it or where
you previously stored your picture on the hard drive. Choose “no resizing” to keep the
original size of your picture. You will resize your image manually in the next window.
Step 7: Click “Continue” on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen to go to the next
window to preview your picture.
Step 8: The preview image window will appear. Here you will need to describe your picture
for ADA compliance and resize your image. The height and width should be in the 100 to 300
pixel range for a good size.
You must type a descriptive name for ADA
Depending on the original size of your image, change
the pixels either heigh or width to 100 to 300 pixels.
If you change one, the other will automatically adjust
to keep the same ratio.
Step 9: Click “Insert” picture on the lower right-hand corner of your screen. Your image will
appear in your webpage