Fossils/Geologic Time Quiz Review


Geologic Evolution Quiz Review

The lithosphere, which makes up Earth's plates, is composed of what two layers?

Which is the outermost layer of Earth?

Special deposits of rock can be found where Africa, India, Australia, and South America were once joined. These deposits suggest a colder climate than is currently present at these locations. What do scientists suggest deposited these rocks?

In which layer are convection cells moving, and in turn, driving the movement of lithospheric plates?

Which puttylike layer is located just beneath Earth's plates?

Which earth material is the lowest in density?

What happens to a portion of a plate when it is forced below another plate?

Where does separation of oceanic crust occur, and where is new ocean floor created?

How have scientists learned about the deep interior of Earth beneath the crust?

How do plates move along transform boundaries?

How did the Hawaiian Islands form?

What is the origin of movement of lithospheric plates? In other words, what powers plate tectonics?

What occurs along convergent boundaries?

What are mountain chains thousands of kilometers long on the ocean floor known as?

Who developed the hypothesis of moving continents, and what type of evidence did he use to support his hypothesis?

How can a fossil of a marine organism be found in a terrestrial area?

Rock beds on two continents contain the same fossil, what can be said about these rock beds?

The badlands of South Dakota contain fossils of dinosaurs and fossilized plants that can now be found living in the swamps of Florida and Georgia. What is the best conclusion about the badlands?

What concept best explains how mountains are formed?

What type of plate movement would cause mountain building?

Describe the four layers of the earth.

How are the solid plates of earth able to move around?

What forms at divergent boundaries?

How are trenches formed?