Earthquake Project Research

Name ______________________________
Date _______________________
Per. ______
Earthquake/Volcano Project – Research _____________________
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Due Date: ________________________ (can be turned in early, but will NOT be accepted after ___________)
-10 points a day each day it is late.
Choose an Earthquake date or Volcanic Eruption: ______________________________________
Rating on Richter Scale or Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI): ___________
Type of volcano (if applicable) composite, shield, cinder cone
Tell as much information about the event as possible.
Name (if there is one) and location (City and Country) _____________________________
Longitude and Latitude _______________________________
Type of plate boundary: convergent, divergent, transform fault: (circle one)
Type of plates: 2 oceanic plates, 2 continental plates, 1 oceanic plate and 1 continental plate (circle one)
10- 15 Accompanying Events/Facts (Destructive effects: Aftershocks, tsunamis, storms, # of deaths and
reasons, other losses, was there a warning or evacuation ordered, financial cost,# of homes lost, constructive
effects: mountains, springs, valleys, hydro electric, etc.) You may bullet. Enough detail must be given in order
to count.
This information and Bibliography is due _________________________________ (Test Grade)
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