Dynamic Earth Interactive Activity

Dynamic Earth Interactive Activity
Begin by visiting http://www.learner.org/interactives/dynamicearth/index.html
Go to “Start your exploration with Earths Structure”
1. Define the Following:
a. Crust
b. Mantle
c. Outer Core
d. Inner Core
e. Lithosphere
f. Aestenosphere
Go to “Plate Tectonics” and select which picture looks like Earth Today.
When you select the correct answer go to “How do we know this”?
2. Answer the following questions:
a. Who was Alfred Wegner and what did he do?
b. What does Pangaea mean in Greek?
c. What is the Theory of plate tectonics?
d. What are plates?
Go to “Continents over Time”
Complete the Activity of matching the pictures to the correct time frame. Mrs. Jenkins
must check this section when you get it correct for a grade!
3. “Go to Plates and Boundaries” and define the following:
a. Continental Crust
b. Oceanic Crust
c. Boundary
4. Draw arrows to represent the direction plates at each type of boundary move.
a. Divergent
b. Convergent
c. Transform
Go to “Plates and Boundaries Challenge” and play the two games. When you get a score
for both games Mrs. Jenkins must check it for a grade before you proceed. If you do
not score at least 15 out of 22 you must review and play again
If your score is 15 or higher you will go on to the next chapter after being graded.
Read this page then go to “See what happens at different plate boundaries.”
5. Define the following:
a. Volcano
b. Magma
c. Subduction Zone
d. Tsunami
e. Trench
f. Volcanic Arc
6. Click “Next” and answer the following:
a. What is Seafloor Spreading?
b. What is the Mid-Ocean Ridge?
Play the Interactive
Go to “Plate Interactions Challenge” and play the two part game.
When you finish the game Mrs. Jenkins must check for a grade. To pass you must
score at least 8 out of 10 so please take your time!
Go on to “Test Skills”
You must score at least 20 out of 30 to pass this test. Mrs. Jenkins must see the
grade when you are done!
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