Tech Lesson-Functions- Student Directions

Functions – Technology Lesson – Student Directions
Log in to your computer.
Double click on “My Computer.”
Double click on “SMS Shared Files.”
Double click on the folder that says “Hardy.”
Double click on “Out.”
Right click on the Microsoft Excel file that says “Functions – Student Worksheet” and select “copy.”
Paste this document into your network directory: firstnamelastnameonsms (H:).
Right click on the file once in your documents and choose “Rename.” Rename the file: “Your Last Name –
Functions – Your class period” Example: Smith – Functions – 2nd Period.
Once this is placed in your documents double click on “Functions – Student Worksheet” to open it and
begin work.
In this lesson you will be looking at an input/output chart, using excel to create an equation for the formula to
guess the function while creating a graph of the function. Then you will analyze the change between input and
output. Finally you will explain if the function is linear or non-linear.
Step 1: In this activity there a total of 8 different functions for you to analyze. Carefully examine the
input/output table for each function found in Columns A and B.
Step 2: Next create a formula in Column E to try to guess the equation for the function.
Note: all formulas must start with “=” (an equal sign).
Step 3: Once you have guess the equation for the function correctly several times highlight the cells where you
have filled in the formula, let go, click on the bottom right of the cell, and drag down to “autofill” the rest of the
function. Be sure to reference the cell in order to autofill correctly. If you have guessed the function correctly
a checkmark will appear.
Step 4: Fill in the equation in x and y form.
Step 5: Analyze if the function is linear or non-linear and explain your reasoning in one complete sentence.
Step 6: Examine the change in the input and output.
Step 7: After you have analyzed all 8 functions save the document to your own documents. Finally copy this
file into Mrs. Hardy’s’ “Inbox” to your particular period.