Renaming worksheets

Renaming worksheets
Prerequisites- Knowing most of the functions you can do on the tabs in the
active worksheet helps. Basic Excel skills.
Typical Use- The names are changed so one can recognize a little easier
what they are doing. Sheet 1, sheet 2, etc. don’t tell us much, so giving it a
title helps identify its purpose.
1.) There are three ways to rename a worksheet: One way is by going to
Format Sheet  Rename.
2.) The next two are the easiest. The second way is to right click on any
tab and go to Rename. This is more efficient than the first way
because the first method only allows you to change the active sheet.
3.) The third way is to just double-click in the tab you want to rename.
After completing any of these three ways, the screen should look like
4.) At this point, simply type in the new name you want.
Related Skills- This is somewhat similar to renaming the actual file, or even
changing text in various documents.