Learn new words in context and then practice for reinforcement
and mastery.
GROUP 1 Directions: “Graphic Organizer”
Picture it – a box with squares and vocabulary words, students
draw a picture to illustrate it. Older students can use the word
GROUP 2 Directions: Heads Up
Write vocabulary words on cards or purchase the app for ipads.
One student holds the word above their head while the other(s)
gives them clues to guess it.
Generate More Ideas
Take a few moments to think of some more
ideas that would get your students working
on vocabulary skills (related to a book or
not). What ideas do you have to get them
excited about and using new words?
More Vocabulary Ideas
With music on, students dance around a defined area, when music
stop the teacher says “Turn to the person next to you and tell them
what _________ means.” Start the music and do it again.
Match Up
One group given words or pictures, the other the definitions, they
must try to find a match up in a certain amount of time.
Given a vocabulary word, a student must act it out until someone
guess it.
Line it Up
Students are given or write vocabulary words on blank cards. Game
leader instructs students to “Put the word that means ______ first.”
Keep going for the second, third, etc. When all words are lined up,
read off the word and the correct order as students check the line.
Player or teams are given a definition then must answer 1st using the
correct word. Keep score.
Balderdash A pile of word cards with definitions is in a center stack. Teams get
a word and create a fake definition to go with it. Both definitions are
read and the other team has to decide which definition is real.
Write a
Given a list of the vocabulary words, students write a story that
incorporates all the words.
Group Questions
1) How did the vocabulary activity go in your group? What were the
participants’ experiences of them?
2) How could you modify this activity for your students?
3) Logistically, what are the pros and cons of trying it with your
4) What skills do you think this technique will help your students/members
work on?
5) Which of the other writing ideas are you most interested in trying out?