Assignment: Videomotion

TVP I 3rd Quarter Project
Assignment: Videomotion
 You will be assigned a specific emotion to show in a 30 or 60
second film using at least 10 different camera shots and 2-3
special effects (b&w, sepia, slow-motion…).
 You will “edit in camera” for this assignment so you will not be
using the editing machines to construct your very short film.
 After you have shot your 30 seconds of film you will do a
single audio-insert of instrumental music that will further
develop and show your emotion.
You have a choice of two (2) ways to approach this assignment:
Choice One (1): Tell a story based on the emotion
Your 10 shots and special effects tell the story based on your
assigned emotion. There is a unifying story that your film is
depicting, with a clear beginning, middle and ending. This
story is representing, or illustrating your emotion.
Choice Two (2): A video collage inspired by the emotion
Your 10 shots and special effects are unified by this concept,
but show different aspects and dimensions of it. Each shot is
different from the others, no object or person or shot is repeated
throughout the 30-second collage.
Planning guidelines:
 First, you are assigned an emotion
 Brainstorm for associations/ideas/concepts/objects
associated with your emotion
 Decide which choice you are going to proceed with.
 Create a storyboard that pays particular attention to your
choice of camera shots and special effect decisions
 Rehearse/practice your 30-second shot in preparation for
editing in camera
 Find appropriate music (available in studio)
 Lay down black then…
 Dump footage directly onto tape, then audio insert-edit
your music onto your video
 (OR) lay down music then video insert-edit the images
over the music.