Wednesday, September 16

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
1. Clear your desk
2. Get your box
3. Turn in signed MAP Tests
4. Open to the back of your notebook for
your journal.
5. Do this NOW-Look at your Voice worksheet.
Find the highlighted emotion. Brainstorm 5
words that describe that emotion and write
them in the box.
Write a journal describing a time you felt
the highlighted emotion. Be sure to use ALL
the words you put in the box.
6. Voice
Yuck!As I walked into the room, I saw it and was
appalled. Blood was everywhere. Right in front of
me hung the carcass of a cow. Its guts were spilling
from it’s belly. As I moved farther into the room,
the smell hit me. It was the smell of rotting flesh.
Flies buzzed around my head. Suddenly, I was
overwhelmed. I became sick to my stomach. I
turned my head to the side and spewed vomit all
over the floor. I have never before been so grossed
out in my life.
Literature-Meet in Library-complete
Nonfiction scavenger hunt
Check out books
Academic Block:
Take out planners
Take out Journals
Civil war in Syria